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Other Services

Mining and Maintenance

One of the main fields that we specialise in is the mining sector. We offer products and services to a wide range of different sub sectors within the mining sector.

We manufacture and repair all types of machinery in open cast, crushing and underground mines as well as food processing plants.

Whether you require single or multiple carports, we have the expertise to custom make any type and size. Our steel carports are made to the highest quality and standards.

Ceilings and Partitioning
If your work space or parking space in the garage or warehouse is getting too small let NewTech Fencing Projects & Specialised Steel Works help you solve your problem.

We install mezzanine floors for need storage, install dry walling for extra offices or even partitioning and so much more.

Steel Shelving and Racking
Our shelving and racking are perfect for extra storage in an industrial warehouse, industrial steel kitchens, office spaces or just to make more room for storage space in your garage. Racks and shelves are the best possible way to add extra space to your work or storage area. Not only will it help you save space but also in the long run save money as well.

Balustrades and Railings
We have years of experience in manufacturing and installing Stainless Steel balustrades and railings to both industrial or domestic based clients.

Trailers and Canopies
This is a new field that we have entered with a great deal of passion.

Our research on trailers and canopy’s led us to believe that there are a lot of areas which can be improved. We found out that the customer base is looking for trailers that are affordable, with no compromise on quality.

Do you need more space for your office, storage, your factory, warehouse or just recreational use?

A mezzanine floor adds an extra level between the floor and your roof giving you that extra space that you needed without compromising the current space you have. We will design your mezzanine floor to your exact specifications. If requested it can be designed so in future it can be dismantled and relocated to a new area.

Laminated Flooring

It is more affordable, durable and water resistant than hardwood flooring.