Internal Fencing

Internal Fencing

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Do you have a factory that requires internal fencing? Or maybe you have a small or large game farm that requires internal fencing? Look no further than ABW Fencing Projects & Specialised Steel Works.

Our prices are market-related and our motto is to provide an excellent job at a fair price.

Our fabrication section has up to 8 teams ready to perform and provide you with storage cages/bond store cages for your factories or warehouses.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a quote regarding any of our internal fencing services or bond stores/bond cages. No job is too big or too small, we do them all!



Electric Fencing.
With experience over the years in electric fencing, ABW Fencing Projects & Specialised Steel Works has successfully completed the installation of hundreds of electric fences for hundreds of highly satisfied customers.

Palisade Fencing.
It is one of the most popular methods of fencing due to its affordability.
Palisade fences also offer a high level of perimeter security as intruders are unable to hide behind palisade fencing thus giving your property an unobscured view from almost any angle.
Palisade panels have a versatile aesthetic appearance as they can be painted to fit in with any exterior colour scheme.
Palisade fencing is one of the most difficult types of fencing to climb over or cut.

Whether you require single or multiple carports, we have the expertise to custom make any type and size. Our steel carports are made to the highest quality and standards.

Do you need more space for your office, storage, your factory, warehouse or just recreational use?
A mezzanine floor adds an extra level between the floor and your roof giving you that extra space that you needed without compromising the current space you have. We will design your mezzanine floor to your exact specifications. If requested it can be designed so in future it can be dismantled and relocated to a new area.