Security Products

We have years of experience in manufacturing and installing steel security products to both industrial and domestic based clients.

We at ABW Fencing Projects & Specialised Steel Works believe that getting the work done as quickly as possible and correct the first time is an example of good business practice. This will give our company a good name in business, customer base and a better chance for ongoing contacts.

As you can see we have a wide range of security gates and burglar proofing designs to choose from. Wherever you dream of or think of we can help to make your dream come true, to have the best looking steel security gates, booms and burglar proofing.

Our capable sales staff will bring a catalog to design your own style.
• Gate Motors and Remotes
• Boom Gates
• Burglar Proofing
• Security Doors
• Custom made security doors and burglar proofing



Ceilings and Partitioning.
If your work space or parking space in the garage or warehouse is getting too small let ABW Fencing Projects & Specialised Steel Works help you solve your problem.
We install mezzanine floors for need storage, install dry walling for extra offices or even partitioning and so much more.

Steel Shelving and Racking.
Our shelving and racking are perfect for extra storage in an industrial warehouse, industrial steel kitchens, office spaces or just to make more room for storage space in your garage. Racks and shelves are the best possible way to add extra space to your work or storage area. Not only will
it help you save space but also in the long run save money as well.

Balustrades and Railings.
We have years of experience in manufacturing and installing Stainless Steel balustrades and railings to both industrial or domestic based clients.

Palisade Fencing.
It is one of the most popular methods of fencing due to its affordability.
Palisade fences also offer a high level of perimeter security as intruders are unable to hide behind palisade fencing thus giving your property an unobscured view from almost any angle.
Palisade panels have a versatile aesthetic appearance as they can be painted to fit in with any exterior colour scheme.
Palisade fencing is one of the most difficult types of fencing to climb over or cut.